What is the Difference Between a Prostitute and an Escort?

A prostitute’s primary goal is to get money for sex and really nothing more. However, escorts in London offer time and/or sex for money. A prostitute cannot provide other services other than sex, while escort can be a simple listening and cuddling companion, or a date, in exchange for money. An escort will accompany her client to some entertainment events such as to club, opera, or for a dining experience. Prostitutes offer different services based on the amount of money the client has offered and what the client wants.

Prostitute as a person

Prostitution is the exchange of sexual acts, including penetration, intercourse, and copulation financial gain. In many places, prostitution is still illegal. Prostitutes lack laws which can protect them. In most instances, you will find them being misused by people who seek their services. They are often exploited without being paid for the services that they have offered.

The main aim of a prostitute is to get money fast and go to the next hustle. Most of them are addicted to drugs so that they can cope up with stress and embarrassments that they get; you will find almost all amounts of the money they collect being direct to purchase of these drugs. Most cases they don’t have any other service that they can provide rather than just sex in exchange for money.

Escort as a person

In most cases, an escort works to achieve two goals at the same time. One of her objectives is to get money from the services that she offered to clients and to make sure the clients get the best services to his satisfaction for the services provided. The main aim is to please the client when he or she is around. They do not necessarily have to engage in sex unless both parties agree to have sex at part of their agreement and pleasure. They usually strive to get repeat business. Companies providing escort services hire escorts out to clients, and you will need to pay the escort agency after choosing the escort that you want to escort you.

In most instances, prostitutes will have to line up in the street to attract and get their clients while escorts use internet and websites, as well as modern mobile apps, to get in touch with their clients. These are two different kinds of people who are involved in the almost related business but different.